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We are buyers and refiners of dental bridges, gold crowns, gold dental alloy, laboratory spews and spills, polishings, and sweepings. We also buy old gold tooth material from oral surgeons or individuals.

We buy and refine gold from industrial applications such as vacuum deposition, gold flake, gold plating residues, gold plated wire, gold findings, gold paste, gold ink and gold plated electronics.

We buy and refine gold jewelry from manufacturers and individuals consisting of karat scrap, bench sweeps, findings, broken jewelry, gold fill items, gold nugget, gold shot, casting grain, rings, chains, earrings, gold solder, melted gold, gold sheet, and placer gold.


We buy and refine sterling silver flatware, hollowware, sterling jewelry including sterling silver necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and chains. We buy and refind silver from industrial applications such as silver ink, silver flake from photo processors, silver sacrificial anode from water treatment, electrical contacts, silver mesh, silver solder, silver wire and tubing. We also buy pre-1964 American silver coins and silver clad.


We buy and refine platinum labware including platinum crucibles, platinumn foil, platinum screen, platinum alloyed with palladium and rhodium, and all industrial, medical or laboratory scrap containing platinum. We also buy and refine vacuum deposition flake and platinum sputtering targets, platinum medical scrap, platinum catheters, platinum sponge, platinum bars, platinum jewelry, and also platinum thermocouple wire of every alloy.